free music: high highs

the band covers “a real hero”!

by liza darwin

If you know NYLON, then you already know that we're huge fans of Australian pop duo High Highs (listen to their singles "Open Season" and "Flowers Bloom" to get a refresher). 

But when Jack Milas and Oli Chang decided to cover "A Real Hero" from Drive-- otherwise known as arguably one of the best soundtrack songs ever--well, somehow we love them even more.

According to Milas, it was "spontaneously recorded in Sydney between tours."  In this version, the guys have injected the College original with some uptempo beats, plenty of sparkly synths, and a breathiness that's so light, you might as well just close your eyes and float away.

Even if you've listened to the track a billion times already, that's not enough. Press play on this free download below and get ready to be hooked all over again.