It’s Lit: Books We Read In School That Changed Our Lives

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    by · June 11, 2016

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    If we could, we would spend the majority of our time here on earth skimming through our favorite bookshops and running through libraries. But even if we could, there sadly wouldn’t be enough time to read every book in existence—that’s why we rely on recommendations from friends, family, and our favorite authors. Every week, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite reads because literature is, well, lit.

    Despite the groans, sighs, and general disapproval aimed at mandatory reading, there is a larger point to it all beyond taking a test about plot points and slapping a grade on a paper written at 2am the night before. In retrospect, our teachers and professors did a pretty good job assigning books filled with relatable characters, life lessons, and some entertaining plot twists. While some books admittedly fell flat, others impacted us in ways that we wouldn’t have imagined, and have stayed with us since. Click through the gallery to see six books that changed our lives.

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