Watch Now: Highasakite “Leaving No Traces”

when all that’s left of a break-up is memories and an empty house.

When Justin Vernon, frontman of Bon Iver, tweets about how much he loves your band and then invites you to tour with him, you immediately start packing your bags and gear, and instantly dubbed a must-watch indie-folk band.

Such is the case for Highasakite, who have been making noise in their home country of Norway since 2011. There, the group's debut album stayed at #1 for three weeks, nabbing them a spot on the high-profile Øya Festival lineup. They’ve also been generating major buzz in the US, with love from both Vogue and NPR (the latter of who named the band as one of the best artists at SXSW 2014). And we've been cranking up their second album, Silent Treatment, since it dropped earlier this year.

The band's cinematic folk-influenced music took flight when singer, Ingrid, met the band's drummer, Trond, while they were both studying classical jazz music at Trondheim Jazz Conservatory. The duo then recruited a full band including synth, guitar, and flugabone players to create an atmospheric sound around Ingrid's soaring vocals which draws you in and makes you feel like you're floating in another time or place.  

Their new video for “Leaving No Traces” (off of Silent Treatment) is just as mysterious as the track's own lyrics, which include lines like, “And you set out for peace but got nuclear war and bashed in the eyes of them all.” The clip opens with a shot of an empty, cold industrial looking loft, revealing what appears to be the only tangible thing left of broken relationship between a couple who seem to have taken on the roles of a modern Adam and Eve. Cutting between close-ups from inside the couple's old loft and long shots of the pair looking forlorn among tropical forest projections, the vibe of this video definitely conjures up feelings of something you may have once had, but somehow lost.

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Leaving No Traces” below.