Hilary Duff’s New Song “Sparks” Is Crazy Amazing

whoa, hilary

I grew up religiously watching Lizzie McGuire and blasting Metamorphosis, however, I've found her latest music to be quite frankly disappointing. BUT—capitalized, bolded, and underlined—Duff's new single "Sparks" may very well save her from whatever "Chasing the Sun" cloud is hanging over her. The infectious track was produced by Bloodshy, who worked on Britney Spears' "Toxic," and was co-written by Tove Lo. With Duff's raspy vocals, beat progressions, and a surprisingly charming whistle, "Sparks" will undoubtedly be the one song you won't feel guilty about loving. Good thing, too, as you can expect to hear it at every rooftop hang, radio-playing bodega, and club this summer.

The LP, which is almost complete, will be Duff's first music venture in seven years. "The album has taken on a lot of different lives, which I guess is to be expected when you’ve taken such big break," Duff told TIME. "It is a little bit of electro-pop, a lot of it is just straight-forward pop and some of it has gotten pretty dance-y, which is cool. Some songs still have a little bit of a folky side."