Watch Hilary Duff’s “Sparks” Music Video

now with less tinder

UPDATE: By popular fan demand, Hilary Duff released a Tinder-less version of the video. Now this is something we'd swipe right for!

Original Post Published May 14: The video for Hilary Duff's comeback hit "Sparks" is here, which means the Tumblrverse is finally appeased. But, fair warning: It's not just the bright, prismatic pop-art dance sequences 

two weeks back. No, this video has a very 2015 documentary-style context to it.

Playing off the media attention Duff received for being on Tinder, the four-minute video cuts between interviews and real-life Tinder experiences—from creating a profile to swiping through with friends. And, yes, it does show Candid Camera-like footage of her dates. "I never, ever thought I would do something like this," says Duff. "And when I just surrendered to the experience, I had a great time." No word on whether this is indeed one large, paid product placement, or simply an exploration of dating app culture in 2015, but it's entertaining, so it probably doesn't matter either way.