Hillary Clinton Was Cheered At Broadway’s “In Transit”

‘Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!’

by daniel barna

Broadway has a new superstar, and her name is Hillary Clinton. While attending a Wednesday performance of the smash musical "In Transit," Clinton received the kind of rapturous applause from her fellow audience that would make the cast of "Hamilton" jealous. 

What started out as a date night between Hillary and her husband, Bill, quickly turned into a stark reminder that despite losing the election, Clinton is still highly revered by a large majority of the country. The public tribute began when one audience member shouted, “We love you, Hillary!” From there, the rest of the crowd spontaneously erupted into a "Hillary" chant—the kind that'll give you goosebumps.

After the show, the Clintons posed for photos with cast members, before Hillary addressed a small audience that had gathered to hear her speak. “We can't stop standing up for what we believe in,” she told the crowd. “It's too important."

Bill also commented on the memorable evening and even commended the show. "Hillary and I loved visiting with the cast and crew of @InTransitBway, a moving, creative story of different lives coming together," he tweeted.

Considering Donald Trump's current tortured existence, suddenly being the runner-up doesn't seem so bad.