This Footage Will Make You Want To Be A Member Of Hinds

(even more than you already did)

For the past month, Madrid-based band Hinds has been our go-to source for indie rock jams. Even with all of the other major releases that came out this month, we still can't stop listening to Hinds' debut album Leave Me Aloneevery track comes with an invitation to sing-along at the top of your lungs, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Today, the band released their self-directed music video for "Bamboo."

We don't want to describe everything that they do as "cute" because that seems semi-demeaning to them, but this DIY-style footage is another example of the band's fun side. Hinds will always be totally badass in our eyes, but sometimes we forget that Ana Perrote, Ade Martin, Amber Grimbergen and Carlotta Cosials are total homebodies that like to hang out in their bedrooms and dance on top of desks.

Watch the girl gang goof off and mess around in the video, above!