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22 Jump Street star Amber Stevens makes Jonah Hill—and the rest of us—a little bit cooler…

by Christian Lavery


Some good, old-fashioned youthful rebellion never hurt anybody, but one early act of revolt almost derailed

Amber Stevens’s

career before it began. “My dad [actor, radio host, and current

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

announcer Shadoe Stevens] was on a sitcom called

Dave’s World

, so i attended live tapings every single friday for four years,” says the 27-year-old Los Angeles native. “I went through that phase where I wanted nothing to do with what my parents thought was cool, so when they told me, ‘You know what? You love putting on a show,’ I was like, ‘Get out of here! I’m not doing what you think I should do!’”

Stevens wisely came around, landing commercial work and small roles in



The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

, eventually becoming a series regular on the ABC family drama


, an experience that sold her for good on the family business. “Now I want to work on a sitcom,” says Stevens. “I want to do comedy because it was so much fun watching my dad do it.”

The sitcom dream will have to wait, but a role opposite Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in sequel-of-the-summer

22 Jump Street

will earn her plenty of laughs. “My character is a cool art student who is somehow linked to a murder that Jonah’s character is investigating. We develop a romance, andhe starts to become a little more hipster himself—wearing skinnier clothes and stealing my scarves,” she explains.

Since the condition is apparently contagious and Stevens has done some real-life field research anyway (“I do live in Los Feliz,” she cites as a credential), we asked her to identify the classic warning signs of hipster art student syndrome.

1. On Saturday nights, you forgo keg stands and beer pong for boxed wine and pottery making

2. The only radio station programmed in your car is NPR.

3. Your significant other taught you how to crochet.

4. Your monthly artisanal coffee bill is more than your car payment. Because you don’t have a car. Because you ride a bike.

5. You think Wes Anderson was robbed at that awards show. Every awards show.

6. You maintain an herb garden exclusively for the purpose of craft cocktail infusions.

7. You think David Byrne has contributed more to artistic culture than da Vinci, Michelangelo, and the Mayans combined.

-words by David Walters-photos by Magdalena Wosinska