hola ombre

these new kits make the gradation.

by rebecca willa davis

For those of us who have trouble picking out just one color to paint our nails, the ombre look is a real game-changer; it allows you to fit not one, not two, but often upwards of three different shades on each tiny little finger.

Of course, it was always easier said than done; in the past, we'd have to visit our favorite nail artist in order to get a just-right blending going on. But now there are two kits that promise salon-like gradation for your nails without needing, you know, the salon.

First up is China Glaze, whose kit comes with four variations of the same color (one is all purple, another is turquoise, and a third option is a range of pinks). It's not exactly a quickie option--first you paint on your base color, then on a piece of paper you put drops of the four shades, dip in a sponge which comes with the kit, and carefully roll it onto your finger, cleaning it all up once the paint dries--but do it right and the result is textbook ombre.

The other option is the Kiss Gradation Kit. This one comes with three shades, and is a bit more forgiving; instead of dabbing the ombre on with a sponge, you paint directly onto the nail, with each color formulated to be applied in a specific order. Which doesn't mean this one is a five minute process, either--you have to let the first layer dry before adding on the second and third, so give yourself at least 15 minutes to finish a hand.

Which might seem long, until you think about the time it takes to go to the salon and back; the fact that we tested out both kits while watching last night's episode of Girls is proof that they're not only game-changers, but time-savers as well.

Pick up your own China Glaze Ombre Kit or Kiss Gradation Kit here!

China Glaze Ombre Kit - $12.99

Kiss Gradation Kit - $6.97