photos by suzanne darcy


another awesome NYLONshop holiday guide

the gift that keeps on giving.

by bianca iarrobino

If you thought that Black Friday and Cyber Monday finalized all of your shopping needs—think again. We're making your holiday splurging even sweeter with round two of the NYLONshop gift guide. Treat yourself and your loved ones to some of the coolest products to hit the shop this holiday season (and don't wait too long—everything is still 25% off today with the code THANK25). 

Browse the gallery and check out our under $25, $50, and $100 collections to get the gifts that'll make all your friends happy they know you! The season of being thankful is SO not over—it's just beginning. Shop 'til you drop ladies!

etre: skull clutch—$51.98, art clutch—$60.65, pop art skull clutch—$60.65, lightning clutch—$60.65. (available here.)

yru: quozmo black/rainbow—$90. gasoline glamour: hemi cud acid coco sunglasses—$48. crap eyewear: the nudie mag sunglasses in flat black w/ reflective blue lenses—$58. quay eyeware: frankie sunglasses - blue—$45. rumbatime: orchard mirror watch in mint—$45, orchard gem fire opal - 35mm—$50. premier: black speckled snapback—$29.95. (available here.)

yru: quozmo black/rainbow—$90. (available here.)

premier: black speckled snapback—$29.95. frends: layla headphones (rose gold)—$149. rumbatime: orchard mirror watch in mint—$45, orchard gem fire opal - 35mm—$50. (available here.)

the pizzasaurus necklace—$114.99. leroy's place: pizza necklace—$28. b2: smores dry erase board—$24, mister soft notebook—$16. reasons to be pretty by nophar: donut fringe earrings - blue—$60. black lamb: bacon and eggs greeting card—$6, peanut butter and jelly greeting card—$6. pepperoni pizza slice choker—$25. miss wax: doughnut ring—$28. romeingpanda: three finger gummy bear ring—$65. sugarpills: pizza sweatshirt—$69. (available here.)

b2: sushi eraser set—$16. reasons to be pretty by nophar: donut fringe earrings - blue—$60, hamburger fringe earrings—$60. space trash: pepperoni pizza slice choker—$25. leroy's place: pizza necklace—$28. smash jewelry: the pizzasaurus necklace—$114.99. (available here.)

iphoria: mouse ears iphone case—$55, mirror mirror iPhone case—$60, mia abadi "xx" iphone case—$70, pop art face iphone case—$55, jewel print phone case—$40, pink bear iphone case—$55. suzywan deluxe: grease lightning earrings - gold—$28. (available here.)

galisfly: tube ring—$30. pintrill: pin that down bae—$10, pin up, flawless—$10, this pin, flawless—$10, nyc coordinates pin—$10, 100 pin—$10, jussayin' pin—$10, blessed pin—$10, la coordinates pin—$10. (available here.)

#nylonshop: charli xcx jan 2015 issue—$3.99. flaming idols: justin bieber glass votive candle—$10, queen lattice glass votive candle—$10, beyoncé glass votive candle—$10, lady gaga glass votive candle—$10, nicki minaj glass votive candle—$10, prince glass votive candle—$10. kayci wheatley: debby harry clutch—$42. dirty grl: washed up like this—$12. space trash: leonardo dicaprio cuff bracelet—$22.50. (available here.)

#nylonshop: charli xcx jan 2015 issue—$3.99. perks of aurora: holiday helper mug—$16, smiling's my favorite mug—$16, the pink nightmare mug—$16. stay cute: everyday pom beanie—$24. (available here.)