Holychild Band

meet the brat pop duo about to take over your speakers.

by liza darwin

On a unusually chilly April night earlier this month, the Museum of Modern Art hosted a Sunday night rager. Yes, you read that right. The dancefloor was packed, complete with purple lighting and beer and everything that you'd expect from a basement party (except, of course, about a billion times classier). 

The reason behind the MoMA's celebration? The new 

Robert Heinecken: Object Matter 

exhibit, which was cool in itself--but the real draw to the dance party came courtesy of LA duo Holychild, who singlehandedly transformed the event into the coolest Sunday night ever. 

The band, comprised of 

Liz Nistico and Louie Diller, first burst upon the scene last year with their debut single "Happy With Me." A ridiculously catchy blend of zingy pop melodies and an electronic beat backbone, this is the type of pop that's been thrown onto a giant trampoline and bounced ten feet in the air: exuberant, youthful, and downright fun.

The pair's self-described brand of "brat pop" originated when Nistico and Diller met at George Washington University and began jamming informally. "The band was more of a senior thesis project, but the songs came together really well in the studio," Nistico remembers. "We decided to take it up a notch and so far, so good." You could definitely say that. They're touring across the United State now and putting the last touches on their album, which they promise will embody their pop music sensibility, "but simultaneously rebelling against it in subtle and not-so-subtle ways."

You can see what they mean in the three-part video series for "Happy With Me," "Everytime I Fall," and "Pretend I Believe." Conceptualized and created by Nistico, these clips embody what the band's all about: nudging at the boundaries, one epic pop jam at a time. Watch them below, and

listen to more Holychild here.