Watch HOLYCHILD’s “Regret You” Music Video

“regret you”

Breakups suck, but they invariably get better when you accept that they are what they are, and you should treasure the relationship for what it was when it was, so on and so forth. Of course, throwing on a good breakup playlist never hurts.

Earlier this year, brat pop duo HOLYCHILD contributed to this aforementioned tracklist with their song "Regret You." Now, the group is guiding you through your tough time with an accompanying video, comprised of bright, random visuals and clips from love's past. Directed by lead singer Liz Nistico, the video is a testament to the idea that life inevitably goes on, in complete technicolor.

"'Regret You’ is our love song off the album," Nistico explained in a Facebook post. "It embraces a genuine connection between two people, but it also embraces the fact nothing lasts forever. I find beauty in this paradox. The video shows my view on love in its purity, the line between familial love versus lust, and ultimately the pain that can result from attachment and crossing relationship boundaries. I’m currently finding the whole concept utterly ridiculous and I want no part of it. Also it’s official: my life is performance art. Anyway enjoy the video."