Honduras Band Crush

really rad music, no passport neccesary.

by liza darwin

Honduras has been on our radar--and our NYLON playlists--ever since NYLON Guys editor Josh Madden

tipped us off

to the Brooklyn quartet several months ago. But now, after we've all spent time desk-dancing (that's a thing, right?) and obsessing over the guys' crushing guitars and raw, in-your-face choruses, it's about time that everyone experiences what the group is all about. Thankfully, they've just released a brand new video for their single "Ace" just in time for the weekend.

Featuring tequila shots and sunrises and insane downtown adventures, consider this clip inspiration for your Friday night. (With music this good, we don't even mind the hangover.) Get to know Honduras from frontman Patrick's pop quiz below! 

How did you guys first meet?

I met Tyson in elementary school, and met Josh and Paulie through playing in bands in Brooklyn.

What's the story behind the name Honduras? 

I worked a summer landscaping job in Missouri and my coworker was a guy named Osmar, who was from Honduras. When I got back to New York I was walking the Williamsburg Bridge and saw "Honduras" written all over in graffiti. The band was starting around that time and I liked the name. 

How would you describe your sound in five words?

Pretty, spooky, destructive, introverted, memorable

Before a show, we can find you...

Fighting hangovers and grabbing gear at our practice space in South Williamsburg.

After a show, we can find you...

At Alaska, a bar in Bushwick.

Listen to more Honduras here.