Honne Warm on a Cold Night

introducing your new sweater weather soundtrack.

by liza darwin

Just in time for the temperatures to drop, the leaves to change, and the annual closet switch-over to happen, we've found the best new band to soundtrack your fall. Meet Honne, the U.K. duo who are heating things up big time with their debut single, "Warm On A Cold Night."

It's a lush, seductive jam that goes down smooth as molasses and sticks in your head for hours after--so there's no coincidence that the song shot pretty much straight to the top of the Hype Machine. Now that we've had a couple of weeks to digest it, Honne's vocalist James, and producer Andy, have crafted the perfect visual accompaniment. The gorgeous, shadowy clip features the story of two lovers escaping off together...and since it's part one of a two-part video, this mysterious vibe is only the beginning.

Watch the exclusive premiere of "Warm On A Cold Night" below and consider your fall anthem covered. (You can thank us later.)