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    by · July 01, 2015

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    Summer may be in full swing, but a serious tone sets the pace on July 1 when the Capricorn Full Moon forces all 12 signs to take stock of life goals and long-term ambitions. For some, a light period of back patting is in order, but a sobering look into the future is inevitable for those lagging. Regardless, everyone will be faced with life audits: What can stay (pizza, supportive friends, Spotify, monthly hair colorings), and what needs to go (excessive impulse drugstore-lipstick purchases, ex sex)?

    But early July isn’t all work-work-work (it is still summer, after all): Sensual Venus and lucky Jupiter entwine in sunny Leo on that same day, brightening the July 4 weekend with a double-dose of romance. Whatever seeds you plant emotionally during this period will be particularly important when the new moon in sensitive Cancer arrives on July 15 giving you a boost in cultivating the fundamentals of your emotional well-being (think: family and personal security).

    Venus will endure a brief visit from anal-retentive Virgo on July 18, emphasizing the importance of reading between the lines in matters of the heart. When Venus goes retrograde on the 25th, relationships that no longer serve their purpose will be sent to the glue factory. But if there’s still (discernable) light in your relationship’s eyes, the retrograde period from July 25 to September 6 will be the intense love rehab you need.


    Your typically rosy outlook on love might be hampered by the extra-sensitive full moon in your house of partnerships, making you all too aware of the thrown-wrenches poised to fuck up your relationship. But in true Cancerian fashion, your ironclad faith in love will get you through. If you and your partner (business or romantic) have been involved in a lawsuit, you’ll see things start to wrap up now, too.

    A new moon in your sign on July 15—marking your yearly chance for rebirth—means that there are no limits to what you can initiate right now. But because Mars and Mercury will be in a bitchy angle to Pluto, you might feel discouraged by a lack of support from your partner, family, and friends. Don’t let this mirage kill your vibe—but avoid confrontation and keep your mind in a positive frame.

    Venus will begin her retrograde on July 25 in your house of earned income. Take the opportunity to rekindle an old hobby or talent—it might pay. Literally.


    Change is in the air at the workplace and with your daily routine at large. Luckily, the Capricorn full moon will spin any changes into the best possible scenario. This lunation also points to a rich sense of creative fulfillment from completing a big project or assignment. Any health or dental issues (especially if they require a physical procedure) should be tackled during this period, as well. Don’t put this one off.

    Venus will shroud you with a sense of security, supporting your personal development as she holds Leo’s paw for most of July. You’ll feel this sensual lady become cold when she shifts into Virgo on July 18 in preparation for her retrograde (July 25 through September 6).

    During Venus’ retrograde, it’s crucial for you Leos to reflect on your self-worth and how that’s impacted your relationships. The “blue moon” (e.g., second full moon in one month) on July 31 may open your eyes about a key relationship, challenging your core beliefs on love. Pay attention—lessons are everywhere.


    The month starts off with a (major) bang from the Capricorn full moon sitting in your house of true love, spurring commitment and first-time declarations of love. Bae is ready— you’ve been ready—just go with the flow and relish the bliss. This period is also poised for completing a creative project and revealing it to much positive fanfare. Delightful!

    Expect your social life to heat up around the new moon on July 15. Don’t over-commit yourself and be wary of getting carried away—there’s a good chance you’ll mince words and come across as obnoxious. Jussayin’.

    Venus will enter your sign on July 18 and go through a deep depression before she goes retrograde on the 25th. Questions of self-esteem will compel many Virgos—especially those suffering from insecurity—to examine their self-worth and self-love privately until September 6.


    Your domestic drama will finally come to an end (or be very close to coming to an end) with the Capricorn full moon. You may get an offer on a home you’re selling, find the perfect apartment, or finish up a domestic project, like redecorating. Keep an ear to the ground for emotionally charged (but positive!) news from a family member early in the month.

    The new moon on July 15 falls into your 10th house of career, putting work life in the driver’s seat with a brilliant opportunity to advance your career. At the same time, Mars, Mercury, and Pluto irritate each other, inching your nerves closer to the brink. Don’t blow a gasket—you’ll regret spouting off.

    Venus will turn retrograde on July 25, and since she rules Libras’ scales, you’ll feel this period much deeper than any other sign. Take stock of who’s around you now, socially—you’re only as good as the company you keep.


    Communication is key early on when deep conversations with your boo around the full moon force you to get emotionally real (and I mean rilly rill). Sounds scary, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Likewise, writers and those in communications fields will feel inspired by the completion of a major project. If you’ve been struggling lately, you’ll likely receive some touching advice from one of your siblings.

    The new moon in sister water sign Cancer on July 15 has you seriously considering returning to the classroom for an advanced degree, license, or certification. Despite your energy, you’ll need to breathe—the red tape alone will make you crazy (like, textbook Scorpio crazy). All in all, the struggle will be worth it.

    Don’t be surprised if an old friend (or ex) shows up on your doorstep when Venus goes retrograde from July 25 to September 6. Feelings of being taken for granted by higher-ups may catalyze a brutally honest look at your professional self now. Rewards lie on the horizon after September 6.


    July kicks off with a dose of financial insecurity as the miserly Capricorn moon throws a wet blanket over your house of earned income on the first. For those really in the weeds with money troubles, this would be a profitable time to re-sell any clothes or jewelry you’re over, or host a yard sale. The exercise alone will ease your cash-flow anxiety.

    The new moon arrives mid-month, bringing news of funds flowing from outside your main source of income. You’ll have to be as chill as possible—with planetary aspects like this, you’re almost guaranteed to encounter someone set on hassling you. Spiritual expression is essential as Venus goes retrograde from July 25 to September 6. Know thyself.


    The full moon in your sign electrifies your usually serene emotional state on July 1, compelling you to drop dead weight. This month will be all about shedding anything that no longer serves you—like a snake shedding skin, you’ve outgrown many aspects of your life and need to trim down. On a superficial level, July is a prime time to clean out your wardrobe to make way for a new you.

    Caps in business might take on a new business partner around July 15. If so, proceed with the awareness that a power struggle is possible now. If you can control your anger, the next two weeks will be ripe with opportunity to nurture this partnership. Attached Capricorns might experience a rebirth in their relationship, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come without a fight.

    Money will be under the microscope from July 25 until Venus goes direct again on September 6. You’re on the road to financial empowerment, even if it feels like you’re wandering in a swamp.


    Anxiety connected to your health strikes like lightning as the month opens with a Capricorn full moon on July 1. Take control by grounding yourself—balance the mind and body, and physical healing will follow. The new moon lunation on the 15th will give you a boost in dealing with insurance or even finding a new doctor. Will it be frustrating? Yes. But you’ll come out on top.

    Venus goes into her retrograde period (July 25 to September 6) in your seventh house of partnership, providing the perfect opportunity for facing any thorns in your relationship, especially ones you’ve been avoiding. The “Blue Moon” (a second full moon in one month) in your sign on the 31st stresses the importance of addressing health issues swiftly. Be gentle to yourself in July.


    You are quite the star in your workplace this month, Pisces! This well-deserved recognition could earn you an important role (read: leadership) from the bigwigs around the friendly Capricorn full moon on July 1. Take the opportunity by the horns—you’re an inspiration. At the same time, a close friend may call on you for support, and since Pisces are the professional friends of the zodiac, you’ll rise to the occasion readily.

    Single Pisces have an excellent shot at meeting someone new and sexy in the two weeks after the Cancer new moon (July 15). Creative endeavors will get the powerup they need for success. Alternatively, if you’re trying to get pregnant, this would be an especially, uh, fertile time. Attached Pisces will have a solid opportunity to fix whatever isn’t working when Venus goes retrograde on July 25.


    July 1’s full moon brings your work life into focus with an award or major recognition you’ve been grinding toward since January finally landing on your desk. Kick your feet up, Aries, you’ve earned the period of easy contentment you’re about to experience.

    On July 15, a new moon in your house of home and family signals that a domestic situation might get a reboot, which could run the gamut from simple (a new roommate) to dramatic (a whole, new home). This lunation will get an ambitious power-up from Mars (your ruler) and Mercury opposing Pluto, but beware: This aspect also agitates your legendary temper and manipulative anger. Stay cool—negative tactics won’t help.

    How your self-worth plays into your love life will dominate your thoughts when Venus goes retrograde from July 25 to September 6. A past situation involving your kid (or a metaphorical “kid,” like a project) might resurrect itself, ultimately resulting in a victorious outcome. July boasts a rare “Blue Moon” (the second full moon in one month) on that same day in friendly Aquarius, making you completely certain of what needs to change to bring harmony to your social circle.


    Enterprising bulls about their business can count on manifesting success from a promotional burst with the full moon on July 1. Alternatively, if you’ve been involved in a long legal matter, it will likely be put to bed once and for all around now. Ahhhh, sweet release!

    Don’t get too comfortable, though—July 15’s new moon in Cancer will likely keep you on your toes. Communication is a highlighted theme, so if your hustle involves sales, publishing, writing, or media, you’ll benefit the most from this electricity. Avoid coming across as excessively pushy or aggressive by being mindful of your words now.

    On July 18, Venus (your ruler) will be exhausted, but that won’t stop her from perching in your eighth house of true love. A romantic situation glitters with possibility—but go slooooow. Instead of obsessing, reconnect with your family, roommates, and improve your domestic life during the Venus retrograde (July 25 to September 6).


    The Capricorn full moon opens the month by putting you in an uncomfortable spot financially. But this may be a blessing in disguise: You might pay off a major debt (like a credit card or student loan), or you might just be hyperaware of your situation and financial strategy. In either case, you’re under financial review. Remain on an even keel, and you’ll be cool as a cucumber.

    July 15’s new moon will present an opportunity for earning extra green through a talent or hobby (I see you, Etsy!). Meanwhile, trouble lurks just below the surface with agitated surrounding planetary aspects. Tame your impatience and chill—especially when it comes to financial talks. After Venus enters her retrograde period (July 25 to September 6), mastering the art of communication will be your main priority.

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