would you sit on an andy warhol sculpture?

by rebecca willa davis

It's been 26 years since Andy Warhol died, and yet in some ways it seems like he never really left at all. Just this week Uniqlo launched its second collaboration with the artist, and now comes word that Fab is teaming up with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts on a foam Andy Warhol Brillo Box pouf.

Yes, pouf--the iconic image is now a piece of furniture, and you won't have to go to a Sotheby's auction to make it yours. The Belgian design label Quinze & Milan conceptualized the foam stools, and though they won't be unveiled until next month--they get their big debut at MOST in Milan in mid-April--the design e-commerce site just launched a pre-sale. Granted, they're $425 a piece--but considering that the 1964 sculptures were amongst the most influential of his pop art pieces, and that you can actually use them, it's actually not that outrageous.

Having a Brillo box seat that you can hang out on when your friends are over? Totally outrageous, in the best way possible.

Place your pre-order here!