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instagram trend: hot people doing regular things

because “men and coffee” was just the beginning

by ricky patricia soberano

In early February, Instagram gave us the glorious "Hot Dudes Reading," which involved two of our favorite things. This past week, the internet almost collapsed from the news that another account has gone viral: “Men And Coffee.” Since we’re more awake than ever from the visual caffeine, we thought we’d search for other accounts featuring hot people doing regular-yet-wonderful things. Because, Monday. 

Photo via @hotdudesreading instagram

Hot Dudes ReadingHot Dudes Reading is an Instagram account that features oogling captions and photos of attractive guys on the trains of New York City reading books. With 440k followers, we're not the only ones who wants to satisfy an inner bookworm.

Photo via @womenandcoffee instagram

Women And CoffeeWomen And Coffee is the sister account of Men And Coffee and it is equal in quality and attractiveness. If you’re looking to up your Instagram game, this account is perfect for inspiration. Also they’re just super pretty. Laughing with coffee in hand at a gorgeous beach? Well that’s a no-brainer. City gal sipping a macchiato on a rooftop gazing at the skyline? But of course! Catching up with an old friend in a favorite coffee shop? Yes and yes.

Photo via @menandcoffee instagram

Men And CoffeeMen And Coffee features super hot guys and their caffeinated confections. Is the tattooed guy with a latte your dream guy? Or maybe tall, dark and handsome brewing coffee is more of your type? Maybe even the cutie holding his puppy with a coffee mug in his other hand is the most attractive image you can ever imagine. Either way, the account is ready for you so drink up. 

Photo via @hotdudeswithdogs instagram

Hot Dudes With DogsHot Dudes With Dogs features gorgeous men and their best friends. Cuddling in bed with dog? Check. Driving shirtless with dog sticking his head out the window? Double check. Yoga being done while two dogs sunbathe? Sold.

Photo via @hotgirlsandtheirpets instagram

Hot Girls And Their PetsHot Girls And Their Pets isn’t related to Hot Dudes With Dogs but it’s just as adorable. Playing in the snow with the husky of your dreams? Holding a hamster and gazing at it loving? Kissing a kitty while it makes the same face as you? The account has it all and more. 

Photo via @h0tgirlseatingpizza instagram

Hot Girls Eating PizzaHot Girls Eating Pizza involves gorgeous girls eating the number one food group: Pizza. Hawaiian deliciousness? Pepperoni with friends? Two whole cheese pizza pies for yourself? Oh my! Don’t forget to get a slice for yourself. 

Photo via @mecsmetroparis instagram

Mecs Metro ParisMecs Metro Paris features chill inducing men riding the Mecs Metro Paris, the public transportation of Paris, France. French men on the train? Where are you going? We'll learn French for you! Stay put, I'm taking the next flight out to Paris.