The Latest Teaser For ‘House Of Cards’ Is Eerily Familiar

“Tell us what you see”

Need a break from the regular programming of politics in Trump's America? As always, Netflix is here for you. House of Cards is slated to return on May 30, and the promotions for the fifth season have almost hit too close to home with the current political climate. 

The latest teaser is an eery PSA to the nation from fictional FLOTUS Claire Underwood about self-surveillance following a "terrifying" terrorist attack. “The president and I have a simple request: Tell us what you see,” she says. “If anything in your environment strikes you as a bit odd, a bit off, pick up the phone. Whether it’s a package or a person who seems out of place, we’d love you to let us know.”

From there, Underwood blasts the "noisy press" for "choosing to dwell on the past instead of what's happening right now." (Sound familiar to the cries of fake news?) As she encourages the public to vote, Underwood also states that they should make this "profound choice" based on "what kind of country you want to live in." She concludes that everyone will need to "work together, watch out for each other, and, yes, watch each other to keep us all safe and sound."

Could the Underwood Administration be worse than the Trump Administration? We'll have to wait and see in two weeks time. This season of House of Cards is certainly going to keep us on the edge of our seats. 

Watch the whole PSA in the video, below.