Frank Underwood Is Here To Save The American People In New ‘House Of Cards’ Trailer

“One nation Underwood”

America, as depicted in the last season of House of Cards, is at war, and Frank Underwood knows exactly what the people need. Which is, him as president for the unforeseeable future, apparently.

“They’re like little children, Claire,” he’s heard saying in the first trailer. “We have to hold their sticky fingers and wipe their filthy mouths. Teach them right from wrong, tell them what to think and how to feel and what to want.”

In passing scenes, you’ll see young people protesting outside the White House (with signs that read “Not my president"), a frazzled Claire, and, as usual, some shady business going down. “Lucky for them, they have me… they have you,” Frank says. The “you,” meaning Claire, in this case, we assume. And, if he has any say in the matter, the American people will have them for 2016, 2020, 2026, 2028… regardless of term limitations.

“One nation Underwood,” he says, ominously. With liberty and justice for all? Yeah, probably not.

The new season premieres May 30, and we can't wait.