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    The time has come to accept the inevitable: You’re growing up. Embrace it! Becoming an adult can be daunting, but not when you have guides as easy (and, let’s face it, as cool) as the ones in our Adultify series. Now, you won’t ever have to utter that cringe-worthy term “adulting” when you accomplish something, like doing your laundry—you know, basic, responsible grown-up activities—because you’ll know these truths to be self-evident.

    Grocery shopping can tend to be a daunting task. Expensive and time consuming are just a couple ways to describe this necessary (albeit bothersome) chore.

    For me, grocery shopping has always a mixed bag of experiences. There are times I go to the store with the intention of buying enough food to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week, yet leave nothing but a large tub of Nutella and rice crackers, which, for obvious reasons, don’t even go together. There are also times I’ve bought more produce than one human can physically eat over a weeklong period, meaning half of it inevitably goes bad.

    Basically, I’ve had it. At age 26, I consider myself to be an adult. I’ve got a real job, I pay for my own apartment, and I like to think I’ve come quite a long way since my partying- and 4am-dollar-slice-filled college years. With that being said, shouldn’t my refrigerator and pantry reflect my newfound maturity?

    It was clear I needed guidance, but I feel like I can’t be the only one. With the help of Rachel Paul, founder of The College Nutritionist, I put together a list of surefire tips and hacks to adultify your grocery shopping routine so you, too, can learn how to conquer the grocery store like the grown-up you are.

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