How To Host A Girls’ Night That Doesn’t Suck

    Going beyond box wine

    by · May 20, 2016
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    Let’s be honest —girls’ nights get a bad rap. At worst, they bring to mind the cringe-inducing sort smashed at the local bar, waving penis straws around like a conductor’s baton. At best, they inspire thoughts of a gossip-fest with a good ol’ box of Franzia and back-to-back Lifetime movies about a housewife’s murderous revenge. Well, I’m here to dispel the drollness, to rid your mind of all the myths you’ve clutched to about how utterly eye-rolling a girls night is. In the words of Absolutely Fabulous, “Darling, if you want to talk bollocks and discover the meaning of life, you’re better off downing a bottle of whiskey.” Well, with girlfriends in tow, you can do both at the same time.

    Once a month, my friends and I gather for a girls’ night that is less Regina George, and more Nancy Downs (“we are the weirdos, mister”). Born several years ago out of a collective lament that hangouts were relegated to laryngitis-inducing conversations at clubs and bars, we decided to make girls night a regular edition, replete with a framework of rules… a set of girls’ night commandments if you will. Thou shalt wear a onesie. Thou shalt commit to only eating junk food. Thou shalt never feel afraid to make an ass of thyself.

    For four years now, we’ve carried the tradition on, and discovered that these nights give us something more than time with each other. Not only did we create a safe space to let our freak flags fly, it became a secret society of sorts that made us actually invest in our relationships. Too often we neglect friendships, and a regular girls’ night is just the remedy to ensure you regularly chill with your WOEs. Below, tips on how to make your own girls’ night a ridiculous, fun-filled soirée, based upon years of intensive “research.” Remember, what happens at girls’ night, stays at girls’ night (unless the moment must be Snapped).

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