How To Seduce A Libra

    Tipping the scales of the most sought-after sign

    by · September 29, 2016

    Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Tatyana Cotton at Soul Artist Management

    Libra sits on the balance of the autumn equinox—the time when light and dark are equalized—and as the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra season falls at exactly the halfway point in the astrological year. Cast literal sex goddess Venus into the mix as the Scales’ indulgent, harmony-focused ruling planet, and it’s clear why Libra is known as the most relationship-oriented sign of the 12. Diplomatic and sociable, Libra thrives on the company of others and is typically convinced that their best self can only be achieved with a supporting home team. Much like their sibling air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, Libra is as chatty and charming as they are popular and poised to be in the public eye.

    Sure, being beloved by everyone socially has its perks and can be a slick path into playerhood (an easy life for a Libra, at least for a little while), but the Scales being the Scales crave harmony, and are perpetually seeking balance between two halves. At their best, Libra’s relationships radiate with peace and beauty—a healing, mutually nourishing alliance. But people-pleasing Libra has some qualities of limp, room-temperature spaghetti in love, opting to hide honest feelings rather than ruffle any feathers, even when confronting the truth is compassionate. Even worse than soft-hearted Scales’ aversion to raising negative energy is their tendency to prematurely confess love and adoration, setting the scene for a months-long lead on. Still, being with a lovey-dovey Libra is an experiment in social pairings—one no sign should pass up. After the jump, your complete guide to the hearts and minds of the zodiac’s most partnership-ready sign, Libra.

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