How We Survived Fashion Week

    no fashion weak here

    by · February 18, 2016

    Photographed by Jack Maffuci.

    To outsiders, New York Fashion Week probably seems like one big, well-dressed party. It is, but it’s also a nightmarish seven days of running around, not sleeping, panicking over low batteries, and answering the same question over and over again: How’s your fashion week? The response is usually some variation of “I’m surviving,” before taking another big sip of some free alcohol at an after-party filled with somebodies. It’s also an incredible privilege that no one can really complain about. Getting behind the proverbial velvet rope is exhilarating. Seeing so many people who are so committed to their style is inspiring. It’s those moments that make surviving easy. Of course, there are also essentials we’ve come to swear by. Everyone has their own routine for staying sane, some more complicated than others. Ours is pretty simple—like five steps simple. In fact, these tricks worked so well, we just might carry these rituals over into life outside of fashion week. See for yourself in the gallery ahead.

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