Everything You Need To Know About Putting Stuff Up Your Butt

A guide for every body

Let's talk about anal sex, baby. What was once a taboo topic of conversation has now entered the mainstream. And for good reason! The butt is an epicenter of pleasure, and with the right prep work, a little (or a lot!) of anal stimulation can lead to great sex and incredibly intense orgasms. Yes, the butt is a part of the body many are wary of talking about, often due to some combination of fear and shame, but we're here to destigmatize this part of your body and sex life, so you can have more fun than ever.

We went to the experts at Babeland, a leader in the sex toy market, which offers a wide array of toys, books, and educational classes for anyone regardless of orientation, gender identity, and sex, for the lowdown on all things anal. Maggie, one of Babeland's resident sex educators, walked us through the basics, from the initial conversation you may have with a partner about engaging in butt play* to what kind of toy is good practice for actual intercourse.

That being said, if anal sex and stimulation isn't your thing, that's totally fine! There is absolutely no shame in that. If it is (or could be) your thing, also fine! The key is knowing how to explore that part of your body and how to safely (and consensually) go about discovering what you're comfortable with and what you are not. After all, butt play is neither weird nor gross. This guide is for you, the curious ones. Happy exploring.

*For those looking for a printable version of Babeland's Yes / No / Maybe mentioned in the video, head here.