How To Win At Feminism

Don’t lean in, lean up

The most important thing to remember about how to be a feminist, it's that it's essential to win at it. Oh, you don't view feminism as a zero-sum game? You don't understand the importance of not just leaning in, but of leaning up? So that your cleavage is on full display? You don't know that some Instagram filters are more feminist than others? 

If you're busy scratching your head right now and wondering what I'm even talking about, then you are probably not familiar with the hilariously absurd website Reductress, an Onion-esque send-up of all the women's sites on the internet. Reductress features spot-on satirical headlines like "Guy Who 'Wants Someone to Go on Adventures with' Takes Date to Chili's" and "'Get Over It' Says Man Willing to Overthrow the Government If Hillary Had Won," and has smart, funny articles as well.

Now, the editors of the site have a book out—How to Win at Feminism—in which readers can learn about things like "How to Get Catcalled But for Your Personality" and "How to Be Sex-Positive Even When You're Bloated." In the video above, NYLON's editorial director Gabrielle Korn talks to the book's co-authors, Sarah Pappalardo and Beth Newell, about things like whether or not Diva Cups are feminist and how "if there's one thing that separates women from men, it's definitely how moist they are." You know, the important stuff.