huf x ivi collaboration

RAD skate brand + sweet new eyewear brand =’s SOLID SHADES…

by Christian Lavery

There must be something about a brand with a three-letter name. I mean let’s just look at the evidence real quick. IVI…cool. HUF… awesome. Two examples is enough right? Good. Because now we're going to get to the important stuff. Like the two prior mentioned brands teaming up to create exclusive sunglasses. And if you just pictured us jumping out of our seats when we heard the news, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. The sunglasses, which are based on IVI’s already popular model the Standard, represent a timeless look with a little bit of a modern update. It comes in two colors--rasper stripe and ambercomb tortoise--and each was made in a limited run of only 100. Get yours HERE before they're gone.