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caitlyn jenner stuns in her ‘i am cait’ photo shoot

although we can’t say we’re surprised

When Caitlyn Jenner revealed her true self to the world, it seemed like nearly everyone was quick to embrace and accept the former Olympic athlete. But, as Jon Stewart pointed out, everyone was also quick to focus on her looks. “It’s really heartening to see that everyone is willing to not only accept Caitlyn Jenner as a woman, but to waste no time in treating her like a woman,” Stewart said. “You see, Caitlyn, when you were a man, we could talk about your athleticism, your business acumen, but now you’re a woman, and your looks are really the only thing we care about.”

And, yes, it is hard to look at the first promo shot for her upcoming eight-part documentary series, I Am Cait, without thinking about how gorgeous she looks. But what's really stunning about this shot isn't the dress, or the updo, but rather the fact that Jenner is finally comfortable in her being. "To be able to wake up in the morning, be yourself, get dressed, get ready to go out and just be, like, a normal person—that's a wonderful feeling to go through life," Jenner told Vanity Fair. "I've never been able to do that; It's always been confusion. It's always been, you know, I've got one side [of the closet with] boy clothes, the other side's women's clothes. It's like I cleaned the whole closet out—the boys stuff is gone, OK?"

I Am Cait premieres on E! on July 26.

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