ian connor jersey by wil fry

If Wil Fry puts your face on a jersey…well then what…

by Christian Lavery

To this day, a known, verified sighting of designer Wil Fry has never been reported. Not a single person has any idea what the man’s face even looks like. But as for Ian Connor? Well, you can’t exactly say the same. And ironically enough, Fry had a helping hand in the matter. The designer has taken the face of the self proclaimed "King of the Youth" and tiled it all over a jersey to create a piece that not only sells, but sells out at a Supreme like pace. The "Portrait of Ian Connor" jersey is meant to comment on fashion’s current state and societies current obsession with trends and hype. Take a look at the prior work of Wil Fry's work HERE, including his expensive T-shirt as well as his Birds of Paradise Nets Jersey. His web-store opens and closes every other month for 24 hours. Follow him HERE to find out when the next flash sale will take place.