read your book and eat it too

the catcher in the chai.

by steff yotka

Everyone knows that two best things to do over the weekend are eat ice cream and read a good book. Doing both at the same time, though, usually leads to chocolate stains on your copy of Tender is the Night.

Well, now you can have your ice cream and eat it too, with literary ice cream flavors dreamed-up by Philadelphia's Quirk Bookshop. War and Peach, anyone? Or maybe you're more of a Clockwork Orange Creamsicle person. The flavors don't actually exist, meaning they won't be in the freezer section anytime soon, but maybe if we come  up with enough options Ben and Jerry's will take note and make our ice cream dreams a reality.

We brainstormed the flavors we'd like to see on shelves, tell us yours and let's get snacking! 

THE GRAPE GATSBY: A grape flavored sorbet with real fruit inside. Why spend your days longing for the past when you can  eat ice cream instead?

TO THE LITEHOUSE FROZEN YOGURT: Perfect for serving at dinner parties.

A FAREWELL TO CHARMS: Milk favored ice cream with Lucky Charms mixed in.

GONE WITH THE MINT: Mint chocolate chip with marshmallow swirls.

ATLAS CHUGGED: Can we make beer-flavored ice cream a thing?

LORD OF THE PIES: Apple pie is already a classic, but apple pie ice cream!? This one definitely needs to happen.

ANIMAL FARM: Animal cracker-flavored with actual chunks of the snack mixed in!

THE CATCHER IN THE CHAI: A chai flavor swirled with caramel and cinnamon. Bonus: It matches The Catcher in the Rye book cover.

CATCH-22: A melange of 22 crazy flavors. An explosion of taste!