editor’s pick: frozen

i scream, you scream….

by liza darwin

Anyone who knows me, works with me, or has ever seen me gazing longingly at the "frozen desserts" section of the grocery knows that I love ice cream.

I love it so much that I had to give it up altogether for Lent just to prove to myself that I could technically go without it. I did manage to survive sans ice cream for more than a month--but I will say I was seriously tempted when the folks from Steve's Ice Cream (AKA my favorite brand ever) stopped by with a dozen cartons.

But now that Easter has passed and I've OD'ed on Mint Cacao Chip, I feel just like my old self again. So while I'm briefing myself on the best sundae spots in the USA, I should also probably do so while wearing this "Ice Cream Is Cheaper Than Therapy" top. After all, if you're going to scream for ice cream, you might as well look the part...