This Free App Will Prepare You for the Midterm Elections

rule the vote.

It's a free country—that's the excuse that we often made as kids on the playground, justifying all of our actions no matter how selfish or silly they may have been. Yet now as adults, we know that our liberty comes with a responsibility to uphold certain laws and regulations and to voice our opinions whenever possible, to ensure that legislation reflects our own morals and values.

That among many other reasons, is why we're voting in the midterm elections this November 4th, and to make sure we're fully updated on all of the major issues that have been hitting our country hard lately, we're using iCitizen, a free app that provides a digest of all the latest news stories and contains a database of all federal and state officials. That means there's no excuse for not voting—every vote matters, no matter what issues are most important to you.

By selecting issues that are important to them, from education and environment, to women's rights and foreign affairs, users are given an overview of each campaign topic, as well as a timeline of that issue in America and a live feed of news stories related to that subject. You can also participate in polls with results delivered to Congress daily. Questions range from ideological and government-oriented (Do you support a strict two-term limit for all elected government positions?) to specific and issue-related (Should the federal government spend more to advance solar and wind power?). iCitizen also allows users to see the state-by-state results of these in-app polls, so if you find yourself to be a minority opinion in your area, you may feel even more compelled to head down to the voting booth this Election Day.

And you definitely won’t be the only person there. Besides your BFFs, colleagues, and roommates, some of your favorite celebrities have pledged to vote in this year’s election as well. We’re still re-watching this awesome Rock the Vote campaign video "Turn Out for What." Featuring Lena Dunham, Natasha Lyonne, Fred Armisen, Devendra Banhart, Lil Jon, and more, this video shows that the reasons to turn out for voting are endless, whether you're most concerned with student loans, global warming, or the legalization of marijuana.

It's not difficult to get informed, especially with awesome resources like The Daily Show, and the iCitizen app.

Download iCitizen in the App Store or on Amazon to get yourself caught up on all the latest issues and political news, and turn out to vote on November 4th.