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    by · April 04, 2014
    I’m not going to cry or anything, but clearly (according to my Instagram feed, at least) everyone I know was at the Izod Center last night experiencing the Bangerz spectacle without me. I wasn’t there, so I’m not sure if openers Icona Pop played their new downtempo take on this Lesley Gore classic, but I’m certainly feeling it today. MELISSA GIANNINI
    Gore alert (and we’re not talking about Lesley this time): Bloody limbs and milky vomit make appearances in this campy video for Girl Talk’s latest offering from his collaboration with Philly MC Freeway. But if you can stomach such things, you will be rewarded with lolz for miles, a genius Waka Flocka cameo, and hip-hop that practically scalds with anthemic urgency. MG
    If hearing about Pharrell’s happiness ad nauseam makes you feel like a room without sufficient oxygen (just trying to buy some cereal, man, I get it!), have I got the song for you! Woodkid turns that smile upside-down in this remix, hanging the song’s hyper-happy vocals above desolate strings and piano. In a minor tune, a satisfying wistfulness emerges--we bet you won’t be able to hear the original the same way again. MG
    Timber Timbre’s latest single is a melancholy march with a disquieting edge that successfully conjures the mood of being on acid in a moonlit cemetery. Bonus: The video that accompanies the catchy tune features spooky animation by Chad VanGaalen and is a total trip on its own. ROBERT LIABRAATEN
    Detroit-born multi-instrumentalist Jack White knows the way to our heart: a dash of blues-y piano, a touch of screechy violin, and a heavy dose of Hendrix-like riffs. And as for the tripped-out “High Ball Stepper” music video--apron necessary while viewing. ALEXA PEARCE
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