If American Girl Dolls Came To Life, They Might Be Extremely Annoying

they might be extremely annoying.

If our American Girl dolls somehow sprouted beating hearts and came alive in an unterrifying/The Doll People-type way, we're not sure if they'd be into the whole American Girl Cafe type thing. Because if Conan's trip there showed us anything, it's that it is filled with super-corny riddles and team-building exercises. And while we're sure Samantha would have loved solving a good puzzle, the dolls would probably have a bit of trouble adjusting to the gluten-free, butterfly-shaped pasta menu. And it seems like we weren't the only ones who thought so.

In a new (intentionally irritating) comedy sketch by Lauren Ireland and Anni Weisband, classic American Girl dolls—yes, the same ones that you can sell for major cash on eBay—go out for dinner and, well, they all stay within their pre-determined storylines: Samantha is all about suffrage, Kirsten doesn't understand anything anyone says, Addy wasn't given much to work with, Felicity is worried about the flour tax, and Molly just wants to go to camp. It's all bizarre and uncomfortable until the restaurant manager, Kit, shows up. And then it just gets a little more painful. Watch below.

(via Daily Dot)