Thor Vs. A Giant Whale: Watch The “In The Heart of The Sea” Trailer

chris hemsworth carries a harpoon, tries out the wet look

A dramatic interpretation of the very real events that inspired Moby Dick, Ron Howard’s In The Heart of The Sea stars Chris Hemsworth as a wet, muscled whaler and a whole mess of CGI as his enemy—a giant, angry sperm whale.

The saga of the whaling ship Essex is a fantastic tale of survival on the seas—read up here. Critics have praised the book on which Howard based this movie as both a gripping adventure and an indictment of the industry that almost drove an entire order of animals to extinction (you can snap it up here or check out the non-sensationalized American Experience documentary it inspired on Amazon instant). Though we haven’t heard much advance notice about this adaptation, if Howard gets even a bit of this story right, it’s going make for some engrossing holiday viewing. 

Featuring newly anointed Spider-man Tom Holland, Brendan “Mad-Eye Moody” Gleeson, and Peaky Blinders co-stars Cillian Murphy and Charlotte Riley, In The Heart of The Sea hits 2D, Real 3D, and IMAX screens December 11.

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