Mark Ruffalo + Cher Call Out Climate Change Deniers In ‘In This Climate’ Trailer

“Where’s your brain?”

by daniel barna

Earlier this year, Leonardo DiCaprio released his alarming documentary, Before The Food, in which he traveled across the globe to show us the troubling effects of climate change firsthand. Just in case some skeptics remain, a new group of celebrities got together for yet another movie about just how much we're killing our planet, and just how little we're doing about it.

In the new trailer for In This Climate, Mark Ruffalo and Cher are particularly peeved at the lack of action from the powers that be. "Where's your brain?” Cher asks. “How can our brains be so different? How can you not notice all the things that are changing?”

With plenty of people sharing our President-elect Donald Trump's belief that climate change is a "hoax," movies like this one are all the more vital right now. Other famous faces joining Cher and Ruffalo in this striking call to action include Vivienne Westwood, Marina Abramovic, and Noam Chomsky. You can watch them fight the good fight when In This Climate hits the festival circuit early next year. 

Watch the trailer above.