sleeve ya later!

    by · January 16, 2013
    For some reason buying a big winter coat in mid-January just feels odd. Year after year, our urge to purchase a big down parka or a fancy shearling comes on strongest at this exact time of year. But rather than purchase the It Jacket we lusted over back in September that’s now half-off, we refrain, knowing we will likely find it boring or dated come fall. But don’t worry-- we’ve come up with a foolproof alternative that still allows us to take advantage of all the outrageous post-New Year’s sales going on right now. In a word: vests. Unlike trendy coats that take up way too much room in our closet for the amount of months we actually wear them, these sleeveless pieces require much less space and look just as cute paired with a hoodie in the winter as they do when thrown over a T-shirt in the brisk pre-spring months. Check out our favorite vests below, which just so happen to all be on a sale...happy shopping!
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