in1 multi-tool utility case

Not just for protective purposes…

by Christian Lavery

Sure, your smartphone already does just about everything imaginable. But your case? Other than the, umm, “protection” it provides, let’s be honest; you have it on your phone for pure aesthetic purposes. So when we saw the functionality and clean look that came along with popping the In1 on your phone, we automatically crowned it the Swiss Army Knife of cases.

Aimed at helping you take care of everyday tasks, the In1 Multi-Tool Utility Case houses tools like pens, screwdrivers, scissors, toothpicks, and a few other handy fixtures that come in need more often than you think. Available in black, white, and clear, with customizable tool colors, the case is available for the iPhone 5/5S and a Samsung Galaxy version on the way. Oh, and if you’re thinking this might cause some problems when trying to accumulate those frequent-flyer miles, don’t worry: its TSA complaint.

Purchase it HERE.