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    by · July 11, 2014

    photo via @devhynes on instagram

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    The best part about having a news feed? The fact that you can hide people you don’t want to see without unfriending them.

    I love my friends, but there are plenty of couples who post too much, too often--and celebs are no different. Let’s face it, there are some pop-culture power couples who none of us want to see Insta-smooching every other day.

    But then again, there are those celeb couples who none of us can get enough of. From Dev Hynes and Samathan Urbani to Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff, I admittedly check these couples’ Instagrams on the regular to see if they’ve posted another shot at a baseball game, at a music fest, or while noshing on Sunday brunch--because, well, I want to be sitting in between them cheers-ing to our lives together. Is that weird?!

    Actually, don’t answer that. Instead, check out the gallery of celeb couples who melt our indie hearts and just go ahead and try to tell us they don’t make yours skip a beat.

    Samantha Urbani (@samandude) + Dev Hynes (@devhynes)Perhaps the most indie couple in this list is that of two indie musicians. We’re talking about the ever-cool Samantha Urbani (lead singer of Brooklyn dance pop band Friends) and her beau (who, let’s be honest, we all want to date), R&B chillwave dude Dev Hynes--AKA Blood Orange. Here they are in a photo together with their adorable pup Kiki Caliki Pearlpaint Frogcow. Yeah, we’ve got our fingers crossed for seeing this fam out on the streets of NYC summer!

    Ally Walsh (@allylwalsh) + Casey Wojtalewicz (@casewoj)
    The model-slash-musician pair you have to follow, are Wilhelmina face Ally Walsh and beau, drummer Casey Wojtalewicz, of beach rock band Cayucas. Be prepared for your Insta-jealousy meter to turn way up when you see photos of these two in your feed, because we have yet to see a bad photo of them together--theirs are the kind of pictures that should be used as placeholders inside frames at shops like Urban Outfitters.

    Bethany Cosentino (@bscbscbsc) + Nathan Williams (@wavvescybersquat)
    When it comes to lo-fi surf rock, fave bands Best Coast and Wavves are the end-all be-all. So it makes a lot of sense that Best Coast frontlady Bethany Cosentino and Wavves’ Nathan Williams would go surfing at sunset and hold hands on the way back to shore after. We’d love to be at a bonfire beach party with these two (live sets by both of their bands are more than welcome).

    Cailin Russo (@cairusso) + Luke Davis (@lukedavisthegrey)
    It’s safe to say all of these indie celeb couples are good-looking, but when two models get together, it’s hard for them not to steal the show. Just take it from Cailin Russo--who you might recognize from the lookbooks of brands like Brandy Melville, Forever 21, and American Apparel--and her boyfriend, pro surfer Luke Davis. Whether the pair are taking selfies at Mets games, eating out with their parents, or strolling through the city, they would definitely be our pick for “cutest couple” in the yearbook of life.

    Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) + Jack Antonoff (@duckyantonoff)
    Even though there are tons of musicians on this list who are dating each other (because, is there anything better?!), there’s one music dude in our compilation who is dating the genius writer behind one of our all-time favorite shows. Obvi, we’re talking about Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff. There’s really no photo of the Girls creator-slash-actress with her musician boyfriend (of both Fun. and Bleachers) that we don’t like. Some of our favorites include the ones they post of each other with Dunham’s dog Lamby, just laying around, being normal people on the weekend.

    Ana Kras (@teget) + Devendra Banhart
    As with non-celeb couples, sometimes one half of the pair is left to all of the Insta-documentation as the other doesn’t yet have an account. The same is true for Serbian artist Ana Kras and her dude, artist and singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart. Seeing as Kras is a successful creative, you can find tons of cool stuff on her Instagram, but every now and then she’ll sneak in a photo of the freak folk musician (who we swear we love as much as Kras does). While Banhart doesn’t have an Instagram account of his own, the gems posted every now and then by his lady will definitely be worth giving her a follow.

    Sky Ferreira (@skyferreira) + Zachary Cole Smith (@lovealienzzz)
    As for “couple with the most Insta-PDA,” we have to go with actress and musician Sky Ferreira and her man, Zachary Cole Smith (frontguy of shoegaze group DIIV). These two aren’t afraid to post their smooch photos on the ’gram, and while we normally would totally yack at the site of two lips touching in our feed, it’s just different with these two. So, smooch on, Skyary.

    Ali Michael (@ali_michael) + Marcel Castenmiller (@marcelc86)
    You know those scenes in movies where a couple is super in love and takes photos of each other on instant cameras? That’s the feeling you get when you follow models Ali Michael and Marcel Castenmiller. From his photos of her in bed with stuffed animals, to her photos of them being in love together, you will seriously feel like you are scrolling through stills of an indie romance movie when their pictures show up in your feed.

    Natalia Kills (@iamnataliakills) + Willy Moon (@itswillymoon)
    While we hope all of these couples stay together forever, we really hope this wish for the married two-some. We’re talking about beauty queen and dark pop musician Natalia Kills and her husband, throwback-inspired noise pop dude Willy Moon. The two were wed in May of this year, which makes a lot of sense to us since they seem so great together (at least through Instagram). But, we can’t help to be left with one recurring question, “Natalie, why weren’t we invited?!”

    Dee Dee Penny (@wearedumdumgirls) + Brandon Welchez (@killcrocodiles)
    The other indie couple on our list who decided to go the next step and take their noise rock soundtrack to the altar, are Dee Dee Penny of Dum Dum Girls and Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles. Here’s another couple where the lady counterpart has to bear all of the Insta-responsibility (but this time it’s because her other half sticks to mostly band-related photos--Brandon, can we just get one of Dee Dee?!). All we have to say about these two, is “More pics, please!”

    Melodi Meadows (@babynative) + Asher Moss (@basementfox)
    You may not have yet heard about this next couple, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen their photographer work together--especially if you follow Free People on Instagram. The awesome boho-inspired brand posts photos of their FP Me users on Instagram as a source of fashion inspiration for their followers. In June, they shared this photo from Melodi Meadows, Free People Dallas’ visual merchandising manager. After scrolling through several photos on her irresistible feed, what you come to uncover is that almost all of her pictures were taken by @basementfox. Upon further research (also known as Insta-stalking) we found that @basementfox is actually Meadows’ beau, photographer Asher Moss. Trust us when we say that you will fall hard for the adventures these two take together (think amazing dresses, hazy filters, sparklers, and vintage cars--so good).

    So, please, all of you awesome couples, do us a favor and stay together for the kids.

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