Photographed by Michael Dumler


fall into fashion with indigo rd.’s new footwear collection

shoes made for exploring

by nylon

When you think of adventure gear, boots are likely one of the first things that come to mind. And rightly so: They are, more often than not, made for off-roading treks beyond the concrete jungles and pavement streets we stomp daily. Plus, they can go miles without breaking down. If only our non-boot shoes had the same durability and flair for escape. That’s where Indigo Rd. comes in.

To highlight the brand’s sense of adventure, the shoe company brought five influencers through southern California’s Joshua Tree Park. The fall campaign reflects the free-spirited girls who gravitate toward Indigo Rd.’s passion for wanderlust. These heels and booties were designed to wear like your time-trusted boots. Check out the new fall collection in the pages ahead. The daze of summer might be drawing to a close, but those who roam know the thrill of adventure is not tied to any one season.

Indigo Rd., Odin, $79, available at

Indigo Rd., Maddox, $79, available at

Indigo Rd., Kade, $59.99, available at

Indigo Rd., Jabaret, $75, available at,

Indigo Rd., Babss, $49.99, available at

Indigo Rd., Imagen, $59, available at

Indigo Rd., Auburn, $59, available at