Ink Try What You Don’t Know Video Premiere

technicolor pop to perk you up (or make you dance).

by rebecca willa davis

A lot of ink has been spilled on the British band Ink in the few months since they've been around.

To the point where, when The Guardian writes, "This duo are perfect without being too box-ticking--they are going to be massive," it's hard not to start believing them.

But if you haven't yet gotten on board with the London-based duo, comprised of Colin Mac and Miriam Massie, the release of the music video for their new single for "Try What You Don't Know" should do the trick. The shimmering electro-dance track, filled with hook upon hook, gets striking visuals to go with it. In the video, a ribbon-covered creature runs around a city as the duo, partially obscured by shadows, deliver their modern-day Romeo and Juliet retelling. The yeti, dreamed up by Katia Kush and Kristine Kenmochi, is just trying to do the same thing as most of us: find its place in this crazy world.

Whether the band lives up to the hype, well, only time can tell. But until then, we'll be playing the video on repeat all weekend long.

Watch our exclusive premiere of Ink's "Try What You Don't Know" below!