editor’s pick: what a trip

how to get over that post-vacation funk.

by rebecca willa davis

You know that thing where you go on vacation, you feel great, and then you come back and realize that you need a vacation after your vacation just to get ready for real life?

Yeah, that's me today. I spent the past week surfing in Nicaragua (more on that to come, I promise--you didn't think I'd keep all my surf spots a secret, did you?!), landed back to New York late Saturday night, spent all of Sunday catching up on sleep, and thought I was ready for work. Um, no--from 9 am until 2 pm I was just going through a week of emails I missed. Don't even get me started on schedules, RSVPs, or pulling picks for our awesome gift guides.

And it got me thinking: There has to be a better way, right? I mean, if vacations are to mellow out, then how do we make that bliss last as long as our tans?

Here's my idea: A reminder to chill out right on my wrist, where I'll see it all day long as I type. First I thought I'd doodle a little wave, like the visual equivalent of putting your ear to a conch shell. But then I saw this temporary tattoo from Inkling, and it seems perfect. Sure, I'm getting work done, but I'm not paying attention to all the problems (which include an overflowing basket of laundry, an empty fridge, and a long list of stories I need to write). It doesn't mean that I'm ignoring them, but rather, that I'm not letting them get me down.

Stock up on your own "Ignore All Problems" temporary tattoos here (you know you'll want them after all of your Thanksgiving and Christmas travels), or let me know what your advice for getting over the post-vacation blues is on Twitter and Facebook.