Watch How Crystals Can Help Us Heal From The Inside Out

Step inside L.A.’s House of Intuition

by Hafeezah Nazim

For over seven years, House of Intuition has been a hub for mystics, witches, and healers around the world. With its wide range of readings, healings, and classes that empower and enlighten visitors, the Los Angeles-based metaphysical shop has offered guidance for people on personal and spiritual journeys. We recently paid a visit to the renowned shop and had the privilege to meet Naha Armády, one of the shop's leading teachers, as she explained how wellness truly begins from the inside out.

"A really common question that we get all the time is, 'How do I protect myself?' And what I like to tell people is... your best protection is shining from the inside out," she says.

Watch what happens when NYLON senior video editor, Tina Vaden, steps into the holistic health shop's famous crystal healing room. 


Produced and directed by Tina Vaden

Edited by Daniel Huskey