the winners of this week’s competition!

by ali hoffman

We thought long and hard about how to celebrate our Instagram-obsessed May issue. And then it came to us: Why not salute you, along with the rest of our trusty Instagram followers? Duh. So here's how it's going to go: Every Friday this month we'll be calling out a new Instagram photo contest. Each week will have its own theme and dedicated hashtag, so we're able to track all of your entries. Plus, thanks to Instagram's latest feature, you can also tag "@nylonmag" within your photo, and it will live eternally in the "Photos of NYLON" section on our profile (pretty cool, right?). You'll have all weekend to post the most awesome pic you can, and come Monday we'll feature the top eight winners' photographs (with insta-handles included) on the site.

To kick it off, this weekend we asked you to post a picture of yourself with your copy of our May issue starring Chloe Grace Moretz and include the hashtag #ChloeCover. If you entered--thank you--check to see if you made it to our top eight in the gallery below! And don't worry if you missed out on this round--just keep your eyes peeled for our next one this Friday. 

photo by @christin_11

Chloe's Nail Art by @hellomaphie

photo by @shannaneganz

Photo by @Japaneseabbie

photo by @annashea90

photo by @talesofwonder

photo by @baileyspence

photo by @adrianne21