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insta files friday: cool artists edition

drawers, painters, poets, movers + shakers.

by emma orlow

There is definitely an art to Instagram. It might sound pretty silly, but whether it's the editing skills, #nofilter vs. filter, or just a command of aesthetics, taking the perfect ‘gram is definitely becoming an art form in and of itself. That’s why it’s no surprise that artists are flocking to our fave form of social media as a way to get their own work out there. Yup, that’s right. We’re rounding up the coolest artists on the interwebz who are using Instagram as a key part of their drawings, paintings, and poetry.  

Kyle Platts (@kyleplatts)

Cartoon artist Kyle Platt’s work is totally kooky. Although his robotic-like colorful characters are mostly of the everyday man, we suggest checking out his take on Richard Linklater and Yayoi Kusama. 

Grace Miceli (@artbabygirl)

You might know Grace Miceli from her online gallery, Art Baby, where she curates the work of fellow rad e-babes. But Miceli’s own work of drawings of teen girls with computers, Buffy fans, and sk8r bois are worth checking out on their own. 

Darby Milbrath (@darbymilbrath)

Darby Milbrath uses Instagram to feature her blobby, funny diary-like sketches. From sassy ladies in hoodies to drawings of milkshakes, her work will inspire you to put your thoughts to the page.  

Jeanette Hayes (@jeanettehayes)

Jeanette Hayes is a mastermind of the Internet. Her paintings incorporating art history references to Jeff Koons or the Renaissance with photoshopped screenshot grabs are so #relevant and ingenious you’ll wish you had thought of it all yourself. 

Nyssa (@solarsisters)

Nyssa’s art is the ultimate spot for #SadGirls everywhere. We love her drawings of drinking wine in the nude and tears coming out of unexpected places. 

Tony Ciampa (@emolabs)

What started out as just four poems Tony Ciampa posted on his page has since become a hit inspiring him to post a new poem each day. 

Alex Proba (@AlexProba)

Alex Proba’s poster-a-day project is something we can’t help but like (get it?). The designer, illustrator and art director—originally from Lüdenscheid, Germany—posts a new wacky graphic image that combines hybrid foods every day of the week. Never seen a purple kiwi? You now can. 

Pari Ehsan (@PariDust)

Ok, so technically Pari Ehsan is no artist, but her Instagram would beg to differ. Her outfit coordinations to the visual art she’s constantly checking out in museums and galleries is a skill all its own. 

Alia Penner (@alia_pop)

Enter the colorful, psychedelic world of Alia Penner. Mixing collage elements with lurid paintings, we want to live in the pop-art she’s creating. 

Evie Falci (@EvieFalci)

You might think you know your way around the craft store, but then again, you probably haven’t yet seen the work of Evie Falci. Falci has a command of googly eyes, rhinestones, and studs elevating them into abstract sculptures like you won’t believe. 

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