Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images.

Why Does Instagram Refuse To Give Us The One Thing Everyone Wants?

Two words: chronological order

With all of the cool new features Instagram is rolling out, it’s still neglecting to give users what they actually want: a feed in chronological order. But, the company is getting close.

According to New York Magazine, Instagram is rolling out a new feature that will let users know when they’ve scrolled back far enough to see everything posted by the people they follow in the past two days. Once you’ve seen all of the content, you’ll be notified by a green check. Sounds great, right? It walks like pre-algorithm days, even talks like pre-algorithm days. Alas, it’s not pre-algorithm days, since the pictures apparently still won’t appear in, you guessed it, chronological order. 

Why doesn’t the company just give the people what they want instead of introducing other unnecessary features (except for the mute button, that we're forever grateful for)? Unclear. The company promised to show newer photos first back in March, but we haven’t seen a change to our feed. IGTV is interesting, but we don’t need vertical hour-long videos because that’s basically what live is. Speaking of live, we also don’t necessarily need that. What we do need, and what’s been requested of the app since it got rid of it, is the posts on our feed to show up in the order in which they were posted. Sure, we’re still going to use the app, and the company knows that, but we’d be a lot less reluctant to do so if it just gave the people what they want.