Instagram Just Added A Notification Bar

Another step closer to Facebook

Isn't it nice how Facebook lets you keep "tabs" on your friends' activities with a neat little icon in the upper right-hand corner? Well, Instagram—which is owned by Facebook—certainly thinks so, and they've decided to adopt the feature as their own with a new desktop notification bar. Instagram's Web site will now include a cute speech-bubble, situated right next to the account icon. The button will alert users to likes, new followers, and Facebook friends who have finally joined the platform.

Since Instagram's Web site has always been on the backburner compared to the ultra-popular phone app, this might help us warm up to the idea of Insta on our computers. But let's not get too optimistic. While the iOS and Android apps already showed our notifications divided into "you" and "following," the site's version focuses on the former only. The ability to upload and DM remains absent, as well. Still, this update brings us one step closer to a seamless transition between platforms.

Unlike the non-chronological timeline switch, we actually approve of this update.