Divergent Insurgent Soundtrack - Zella Day Sacrifice

lines are drawn

When we last saw Tris (Shailene Woodley), things weren't exactly peachy: Her new faction was manipulated into killing her old faction, she lost both of her parents, she's wanted as a Divergent, and it appears she has nowhere to turn. But Divergent ended with her in a soothing, strong embrace with Four (Theo James), with the two of them together—marked but determined.

It is with this strong but tortured spirit that Zella Day presents her song for Divergent's sequel, Insurgent. The slowly building anthem is a perfect showcase for Zella's passionate, smoky voice—which sounds like it could actually be a song written about Tris, with lyrics like, "I will find you in a burning sky/Where the ashes rain in your eye/sacrifice." A perfect post-apocalyptic battlecry, "Sacrifice" just gets better and better, with the evocative drums culminating in a promise that, no matter what it is we are fighting, we will be doing it together. Tris would approve. 

The Diverent Series: Insurgent's soundtrack will be released March 17.Pre-order it here