into the woods

get some fringe benefits with Norwegian Wood’s designs.

by liza darwin

Who knows if the Wild West was the original inspiration for this summer fashion staple, but everyone from Giambattista Valli to Alexander Wang seemed to take cues from the untamed frontier.

Some tried cowboy boots, but the biggest runway trend was fringe - a tricky thing to try with clothes, but a new jewelry company makes it easy with their elaborate swingy necklaces.

Canadian-based Norwegian Wood (which, incidentally, is also a1965 Beatles song) weaves fringe within aluminum, brass, and yes, wood to create these intricate designs.

The designer, Angie, said that her goal is to make pieces that help accessorize the wardrobe we already have so we don't have to update all our clothes every season. It's true, each piece seems perfectly suited to modernize closet essentials like LBDs and basic t-shirts.

The best part? At about $65 each, these are statement pieces we can actually afford.

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