iris skateboards

These skates are a work of art!!

by Josh Madden

Over the weekend we were introduced to an extremely innovative company making the most unique handmade skateboards we've ever seen. Growing up we spent countless hours pushing around the suburbs with only a thin piece of wood separating our feet from the pavement, so we agree with Iris Skateboards when they say "skateboards should remain above ground and under your feet." Each deck containing wood from over 20 old skateboards sanded, stained and glued together, then cut to create in our opinion a sheer work of art.

If you want to find this skate company it's tucked away on the edge of San Francisco, but you won't see sign, find a phone number or twitter handle, just George Rocha in his garage breathing new life into these old legends.Honestly can't wait to get our hands on one of these so we can spend the summer just like we used to ripping up the pavement!We highly suggest you check out their story in the video below, then go check out their Facebook HERE and cop yours HERE.

-words by Yung Will