irony chronograph by swatch

Swatch adds another rad watch to their collection…

by Josh Madden

It's no secret that we love Swatch Swatch, old Swatch...there's just something about how simple and on-point those Swiss geniuses keep it. With their new Irony Chrono collection they've developed a line of high-performance time keepers. The nine debut models capitalize on the big new case in stainless steel (43 mm, up from 40) to exhibit clear, essential design and fine-tuned, split-second accuracy. What makes the Irony Chrono such a fine machine isn’t only the technology – it’s the style. Our two favorites from the new range [are] the Pudong, with its leather wrist strap, and L'heure Du Marais, with its fabric wrist strap, because they both look great with the Irony stainless steel body. View and shop the entire collection HERE.